How to build a website

1. XHTML guide

Most people who are interested in web design have heard about HTML. In this guide, you will learn XHTML, which is the more modern version of the language.

Since all web pages on a site are structured with either HTML or XHTML, this language is an absolute necessity to learn. The methods used, whether you are talking about HTML or XHTML, are very similar and if you can, you will not have a problem learning the other.

2. CSS guide

When designing a webpage, CSS is used. CSS determines how web pages on your site will be presented to your visitors. For example, you decide how big the headings should be, what color they should have and what margins to use. Knowledge of CSS is an absolute necessity to learn if you want to create a truly unique design on your website or blog.

3. Practical examples in building website

This builds on previous article series about XHTML and CSS and helps you build a website in practice. In the article series, we work with an entirely empty webpage from the start as we then improve step by step. Once this guide is completed, you have quite a good basic knowledge of how an individual web page is built up and can easily be continued on your own in a more large-scale website project.

4. PHP guide

This is a very short and modest introduction, yet a good complement to the other guides. Here you will learn how to use a dynamic programming language to include a page menu on your site. That way, you only need to make changes in a single file instead of each page if you want to update your page menu on the entire webpage. It’s good if you know from the beginning that you can work with web design as an income-generating hobby without having to be a fiddle on PHP. The little thing I ask for you to be able to get a little more effective will teach you here. It’s up to you to learn more if you find it interesting.

5. Make money on the website

Although just a few years ago it was unusual to fully support websites and internet advertising, there are currently a lot of Swedes with their own companies that live on this. This is a course for beginners explaining the main basics of making money online as an affiliate.

You will learn, among other things, that it’s important to focus on getting traffic to your website that actually generates ad money and which is not just a visit without any value.